Meet the Dolls

  • Full Name:  Lanee
  • Nickname:  Lane
  • Birthday: September 14
  • Age: 12
  • Personality:  Lane is quite loyal and welcoming, but she’s a bit sassy and secretive (because of her secret career)
  • Hobbies: Acting, reading, writing.
  • Favorite color: Hot Pink!
  • Favorite book: YOU WANT ME TO PICK A FAVORITE?
  • Where you’ll find her: Lane is in the library reading fairy tales or writing a new movie script.
  • Awesome fact: She’s in the middle of the older 3!
  • Interesting Fact: She‘s actually an writer for famous movie scripts
  • When she grows up: In a few years, you’ll see Lane singing, dancing, and acting on Broadway.
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Full Name:  Hannah Hope

Nickname:  ‘H’

Birthday: January 22

Age: 11

Personality:  Quiet, but she’s sweet too!

Hobbies: Drawing

Favorite color: All the colors in my paints and pastels!

Favorite book: Matilda

Where you’ll find her:  Hannah’s at her desk sketching!

Awesome fact:  She’s the only one in her family who knows about Lane’s career!

Interesting Fact: She’s been drawing since she was 18 months!

When she grows up: Hannah’s going to be a mom and settle down to a quiet life with a big family!


Full Name:  Stacey

Birthday: May 29

Age: 13

Personality:  Loud, sassy, and bossy, but she’s always the leader and surprisingly, she’s the peace maker!

Hobbies: Fashion

Favorite color: Like, that has to be teal!!!!

Favorite book:  101 Awesome things about Fashion

Where you’ll find her:  In her closet- 3 hours after she was supposed to leave for school!

Awesome fact:  She’s African American , and her great great great great grandma was Harriet Tubman! Plus, she was born in Africa and adopted by me (Christina☺ ) at age 7.

Interesting Fact: She’s the only girl in the family to have pierced ears!

When she grows up:  She’ll probably be a fashion designer!


Full Name:  Elizabeth Grace

Birthday: November 2

Age: 10

Personality:  Timid, she doesn’t interact very much

Hobbies: Writing

Favorite color: Light green

Favorite book:  Hmm… maybe Meet Elizabeth in the felicity series?

Where you’ll find her:  At her desk!

Awesome fact:  She was born in England and adopted by me (Christina☺ ) at age 2

Interesting Fact: She’s left handed!

When she grows up:  She wants to write books part time but be a mom!


Full Name:  Harper

Birthday: March 5

Age: 6

Personality: She’s sweet and out going, but she jumps to conclusions sometimes.

Hobbies: playing music and singing!

Favorite color:  orange

Favorite book:  Smile

Where you’ll find her: At the keyboard!

Awesome fact: Her mom’s name (in Africa, before she died) was Harpi!

Interesting Fact: She was born in Africa and adopted by me (Christina☺ ) at age 4 with her sister Stacey!

When she grows up: She wants to be a musician or a missionary to Africa.


Full Name: Nora Grace

Birthday: December 18

Age: 9

Personality:  dramatic, very dramatic!

Hobbies: acting, photography!

Favorite color: yellow

Favorite book:  She doesn’t like reading!

Where you’ll find her:  Somewhere quiet where she can recite her lines or take some good pictures.

Awesome fact:  She is from Germany! But she’s not adopted like her sisters. She was just born in Germany!

When she grows up:  She wants to become a photographer


Full Name: Avelyn Grace

Nickname: Ave

Birthday: November 14

Age: 16

Personality:  leader, sweet but firm

Hobbies: cooking, writing, and teaching

Favorite color: grey and yellow color combo

Favorite book:  Teaching like a pro (she wrote it a paragreaph in it along with 5 million people LOL!)

Where you’ll find her:  Either in the homeschool classroom or cooking lunch.

Awesome fact:  She cooks delicious food!

Interesting Fact: She is the girl’s homeschool teacher.

When she grows up:  She wants to be a mom and homeschool her kids. (her dream has kind of come true, even though her sisters aren’t her kids!