My thoughts on AG’s new release

Today I’ll be doing my thoughts on Ag’s new release.


The grand hotel

Cost: $275



What I think about this product: I love it! It is SUPER expensive and would take me 12 months of hard work to buy, but I will try to save up, because I love love love it! It has so many options and can be stored easily. I’m not a huge fan of all the plastic, but it is an awesome piece. I rate it 3 stars. -1 for cost and another -1 for so much plastic.

Gabriela’s loft bed

Cost: $200


This piece is really great! I love how AG actually used some wood (or I think it’s wood :P) in this. It’s super for a whole room for your doll because it has an included desk but only takes up the room of a bed. The cost isn’t great, even though you get a lot of stuff because it has a lot of paper items. I know those wouldn’t last in my house because my sister will rip up paper items. (She’s only 10 months old). Overall this gets 4 stars -1 for so much paper. I love this, but I won’t be getting it. It’s only 75 dollars less than the grand hotel!


Gabriela’s Chair & Ottoman Set

Cost: $75


Ohh! This is super fun and looks relaxing. I don’t really like it, though. I think it is really cute but you can get a  My life as chair and ottoman for $10. I’ll rate it 4 stars. -1 for price.

Gabriela’s Take Flight Performance Outfit

Cost: $34


I’m not much of a dancer, so forgive me if this is how this is supposed to look. I don’t really like how you can see her arms going into her shoulders, it looks weird. And the skirt is pretty see-through. I’m giving this 2 stars just because I don’t like the outfit.

Tenney’s Sparkling Performance Outfit for 18-inch Dolls

Cost: $34


I LOVE this outfit! It is super pretty on Tenny, but I think it would look amazing on any doll. The only thing I don’t like is how the sequins change shades, but I’m giving this 5 stars because there is nothing wrong with it.

Logan’s Performance Outfit for 18-inch Dolls

Cost: $34


I love this! I have been waiting for Logan to get some new clothes. I think it would be good for mix and match with Logan’s meet. That provides him like 6 outfits! 5 stars for this!

Tenney’s Music Cartridge Set

Coat: $10


This is really cool and cheap, too! I mean, you need the stage for it to work, but it is really fun! You can plug the things in and play Tenney’s songs! Perfect for videos and stopmotions. 5 stars.

Truly Me™ Doll #69

Cost: $115


This truly me is my lookalike! I really like the new meet except for the shoes- plastic. Seriously, Ag? She’s pretty, and I really like her. 4 stars- Yes, It’s those plastic shoes that lose a star for this!

Truly Me™ Doll #69

Cost: #115


I really like the new meet except for the shoes- plastic. Seriously, Ag? She’s pretty, and I really like her. 4 stars- Yes, It’s those plastic shoes that lose a star for this!

(Yes, I copied my previous)

Truly Me™ Doll #67

Cost: $115



I really like the new meet except for the shoes- plastic. Seriously, Ag? She’s pretty, and I really like her. 4 stars- Yes, It’s those plastic shoes that lose a star for this!

(Yes, I copied my previous)

(Yes, I did again!)

AG Grand Hotel Luggage Cart

Cost: $50


I really like this piece. It costs a lot, but I think it is really realistic and cute. 5 stars!

Travel in Style Luggage

Cost: $36


This is a repeat’s a Grace’s suitcase, but I love it! I think it’s not that much stuff, so maybe I probably will find Grace’s suitcase on ebay and compare the prices. I’ll rate this 4 stars. -1 for price.

Travel in Style Dress

Cost: $28


This is really pretty! Again, a repeat of Grace, but it’s actually not very expensive and it’s very pretty. I rate it 5 stars.

Travel in Style Dress

Cost: $34


I love LOVE LOVE LOVE this! So realistic and fun. The food looks amazing! 5 stars.

Travel in Style Accessories

Cost: $28


This is really fun set, though it’s a bit expensive. -1 for price, so 4 stars.

Classic Knit Sweater

Cost: $12


This is cute, but I thought this was a summer release? I won’t be getting it, because I don’t really like the color. But nothing’s wrong with it, so 5 stars.

Corduroy Pants for 18-inch Dolls

Cost: $12


These pants are really cute. I think they’d be a bit tight and hard to put on the doll, but they are really cute. 5 stars!

Purple Skirt

Cost: $10


This skirt is really pretty. I think it would work best with a solid color shirt, but it is adorable. I really like it! 5 stars!

Print Tank Top

Cost: $10


EWWWWWW! Okay I really don’t like this. Maybe if it wasn’t a tank top. I give it 3 stars.

Peplum Top

Cost: $10


This is really cute! I kinda wish the overlay extended over the whole shirt, but it’s really cute. 4 stars.

Tights & Leggings Set

Cost: $12


This is awesome! Jeggings and tights! Perfection. 5 stars.

Print Corduroy Dress

Cost: $14


This is a pretty play dress that’s really nice. It looks knit. I think this is a good purchase. 5 stars.

Mesh Flower Skirt

Cost: $10


This is really cute, but it looks a little bit like something a 5 year old would wear. Not an 11 year old. (Assuming your doll is 11)

Mixed-Knit Sweater

Cost: $14


This is super awesome and comfy. I love how it’s high low. 5 stars for sure!

Tweed Shorts

Cost: $10


EEWWWWWW EW EW EW. 0 stars. End of story.

Ankle Boots

Cost: $14


LOVE! So cute and would work with many outfits!

All-Star Soccer Outfit

Cost: $34


I like this a lot, but it’s pretty expensive. Maybe if it was $14? I know, that’s asking a LOT for Ag. 4 stars.

Hot Lunch Set



This looks so realistic! I think it is super! 5 stars.

School Backpack Set

Cost: $28


This is so cute! I love the worksheets, tablet, backpack, everything! 5+ stars!

School Locker Set

Cost: $58


This is so cute! i think it would be perfect in my doll schoolroom. 5 stars.

Class Pet Hamster

Cost: $24



This is so cute! it is pretty plastic but also really fun and sweet. Again, perfect for a classroom. -1 for plastic and -1 for price, 3 stars.


Sorry I didn’t do anything for girls, pets, or Wellie wishers. I’ll do that in a different edition.





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