Doll Summer Diaries Part Two: Stacey, Lane, and Nora

Hey everyone! It’s Lane! I will be writing in this adorable color like last time.

Its… Stacey! Runway fashion star! 😛 Hey fans. What’s up?

Um… Hi Guys. This is Nora. I don’t post much on here, so bear with me as I begin this journey.


Stacey: First, we absolutely have to go shopping! I could not find ANYTHING to wear.

Lane: Because doing the laundry is your chore. 

Stacey: And runway stars do NOT do their own laundry.

Lane: Face it, Stacey. You’re not a runway star. Besides, I want to go to a poetry reading and the library!

Nora: You guys, maybe we should do three things today. Actually, four. The pool, as something we all want to do, the store (for Stacey), a poetry reading at the library (for Lane), and flower picking (for me!!!).

Stacey: That’s actually an okay idea.

Lane: I think so too. 

Nora: So, since we’re already at the mall, we should so Stacey’s thing (shopping), then go to the pool, then, um, when’s the poetry reading, Lane?

Lane: 1:30.

Since it’s 9:30 right now, and we’ll probably be done shopping at 10:15, we can go to the pool and eat lunch there. Then we’ll pack up and head for the library at 1:00. At like 2:15, we’ll go flower picking and be home at 3:30, like Mom said we had to. 

Lane: Wow… Great planning, Nora!

Nora: *blushes* thanks Lane. Stacey, what do you think?

Nora: Stacey?

Lane: She’s already digging in the clothes racks. LOL!

45 minutes later:


Lane: I love the pool! It’s a great time to read my books. 


Nora: I love to swim!

Lane: In your shoes?

Stacey: Don’t you realize that that is in style, Lane? Good thinking, Nora.

Nora: Um…


Stacey: And I love getting a tan!

Nora: It’s 1:00 you guys. We should head to the library.


Lane: We got here at 1:29! I’m so glad we made it. This poetry reading is going to be awesome!


Random library worker: Hey Missy! You’re not allowed to wear swimsuits in the library!

Lane: Let’s get out of here fast!

Nora: Stacey, come on!

Stacey: Coming!

You know you’re headed for the emergency exit!


Stacey: Too late….

Police Officer: Come back here!

Nora: I think it’s a good time to go flower picking.

Stacey: I agree. Get in the car, Lane!

Lane: But I forgot to say hi to the librarian!

Stacey: Just get in the car! We’ll come back later!



Nora: I got a whole basket of flowers, and its 3:00. We should go home now.

Stacey: I agree. 

Lane: But we have to drop by the library. 

Nora: Why?

Stacey: *Sheepishly* She didn’t want to leave earlier, when the police officer was chasing us, so I kinda promised her we would come back later.


Hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to check out the award post! I am so grateful!



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