Doll Summer Diaries Part One: Hannah and Harper

Hey everyone! It’s Hannah. On Saturday, I did lots of fun things, so I though I’d share them with you. Harper will be writing in blue, and Mom (Christina) will comment in black. I’ll be writing in this pretty purple color. 



First, Harper and I went to the Children’s museum.

It was super fun! My favorite part is playing with the big dollhouse!


After that, we went to the library. 

I looked at lots of books, but since I already have some out for school that I haven’t finished, I didn’t get to get any.


Then I went with Lane to the biggest books display. 

Lane: It was super!!!!


That’s my favorite book series ever!

Mine too!


Then I baked a cake!

Harper and Lane: YUM!!!



Hope you enjoyed the first Summer Diaries! Thanks everyone for commenting on my posts! Yay… 8 followers!! 


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